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3M Lava

The Number one brand request by dentists...!

Lava™ Zirconia offers precise fit, proven strength and outstanding

esthetics. The 3M ESPE Lava is the number one zirconia in the

market today this is a CAD/CAM technology.

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LAVA 3M Zirconia

Lava is for all ceramic crowns and bridges anterior and posterior offering you high quality esthetic and a long-term stability. And in our dental lab we offer the most high quality in this material.

The esthetic and translucency of lava frameworks coupled with our artistic skills provide you with the most beautiful restoration.

Studies Demostrate that 3M ESPE Lava zirconia shows a significantly higher translucency compared to other zirconias the results where published at the Academy of Dental Materials in 2006. In the past ceramics restorations in posterior were limited to a single crowns but Now thanks to the flexural strength of the zirconia you are able to place all anterior and posterior bridges restorations.

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Lava Benefits

Lava Indications

In order to achieve excellent margin a ( CHAMFERED OR SHOULDER PREP IS REQUIRED) , thanks to the precise scanning and milling technology you will received a perfect margin fit. Ideal preparation: 1mm marginal chamfer, 1.5 axial wall reduction and 2mm incisal/ occlusal reduction, round the internal line angles, no knife edges margins.

As with all ceramics restorations no sharp edges

Over the time metal restorations can leave a dark metal margin where the gums recede with lava zirconia you won’t see that, it is also a better alternative for those patients who have concerns about metals.

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