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IPS e.max System

Highly Esthetic Lithium Disilicate.

Highly esthetic IPS e.max system. It provides lifelike,

highly esthetic results with true-to-nature light scattering and a

balanced relationship between function and esthetic.

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The WORLD SPEAKS e.max. and so does the science...

It is time to changeŁ and give this opportunity to you and your patients and take the advantages of this reliable and beautiful material. Let San Diego Cosmetic Dental Lab introduce e.max in your practice "That's all you need".

IPS e.max system is an innnovate all-ceramic lithium disilicate glass ceramic ingots with 400 mpa of flexural strength, e.max press is even stonger than IPs e.max cad 360 mpa. The ingots of e.max where designed to replicate natural tooth structure thanks to the opalescence, translucency and light difussion properties of e.max.

There is any CAD/CAM system in the market can compete with a human skills in providing the most natural and beautiful restorations, in San Diego Cosmetic Dental Lab we are commitment to being at the forefront in providing you newest of this extraordinary Stae-Of-The-Art.

With Optimize esthetic properties creating all ceramic restorations that offer true-to-nature results has never been so easy let San Diego Dental Lab offer the fit, form and function with this amazing material "It's and easy decision".

emax onlay emax full press

emax onlay emax full press

E.Max indications

Lithium disilicate is the answer to the minimal preparation restoration, in San Diego Cosmetic Dental Lab . We offer an improved method of thin veneers, in todays enviroment minimal invasive tooth preparation has gained renewed emphasis by dental professionals and e.max besides the translucency exhibit adequate strength, if you have had a bad experience in the past with thin veneers is because the traditional materials available for this type of restoration before have been base on feldesphatic method and limited by strenght. With e.max (Lithium Disilicate) we have the freedom of use so many diferents techniques to keep the strength of the material and have an amazing resuts one of the secrets of e.max is to use the cut back technique which allows us to keep the strenght of the material.

We can also use the layering, full press stain and glaze according to each situation and achieve the most beautiful results:

E.Max Benefits

IPS e.max press is available in five varieties of translucency ingots to help you in control the shade even in a highly discolored teeth and meet your clinical needs:

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