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At San Diego Cosmetic Dental Lab we believe in being clear and

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Prior to beginning your case, we will inform you if any impression needs to be retaken either for distortion or margin problems you will be able to determinate if a new impression is needed, or you will assume responsibility of the accuracy of the original impression.

  1. We would Repair or replacement of any defective work.
  2. We guarantee our PFM for 5 years
  3. We guarantee our free metal restorations for 2 years.

We are proud ourselves on having the lowest remake factor but occasionally human errors does occur.

Be sure to include original models, impressions, restoration, and dies as well as your new impression. Any case returned without these will be billed at full charge. We take it seriously by researching were the problem was once this has been determinate we charged or not charged accordingly. All remakes are determined on a case by case basis.

  1. Reduction coping is fabricated for the tooth or teeth.
  2. Tooth or teeth are re-prepped or modified.
  3. When improper bonding or cementation techniques were used.
  4. San Diego Cosmetic Dental Lab questions a margin or impression and the doctor approves completion of the case.
  5. The remake guarantee does not cover breakage from accident, neglect, or misuse.
  6. Restoration failed due to insufficient reduction.
  7. Restoration failed due to improper material selection or contraindications.

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