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One of the primary challenges faced by today's dental team is the

need to deliver high-strength restorative options without

compromising the esthetic.

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Our Porcelain Fused to Metal

Our Dental lab offers two levels on you porcelain fused to metal.

  1. Our "Standard".
  2. Our "Special" level.

The difference is in the layering and characterization that goes into each level.

E.max (Lithiun Disilicate)

Your e.max TECHNIQUES according to your patients needs.

  1. Press and stain: Monolithic
  2. Cut back: Micro–layering
  3. Multilayered: Full layering

  1. Impulse series: Smile Design Cases/Veneers/thin Veneers.
  2. High Translucency: Inlay-Onlay /Full Contour/Thin Veneers/Veneers.
  3. Low Translucency: crowns /Veneers.
  4. Medium Opacity: Substructures for Slightly Discolored Teeth.
  5. High Opacity: Substructure for Highly Discolored Preparation.

  6. Preparation Guide

Preparation Guide

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