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Your “KEY“ for a case acceptance!!!!!

A wax up will guide us to reach your patient’s goal this information

should be obtain during the initial diagnostic appointment and

prior to preparing.

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Check-List for Diagnostic Wax-Up

To help serve you better, we have put together a check list of the items needed to complete an anterior or large restorative case.

  1. Full arch upper/lower polyvinyl impression.
  2. Bite registration.
  3. Picture Full Face natural smile Pre-Op.
  4. Picture of Close up of Full Natural smile Pre-Op.
  5. Retracted Pre-Op.
  6. Detail filled out lab form prescription.
Wax-Up Full Face Wax-Up Close up Wax-Up Lateral View Wax-Up Retracted

If you can’t provide pre-op pictures for the wax up the following tools are essential to design your cosmetic case

Achieving a perfect shading can be a challenging part of any case, including a picture with your case can increase your success rate with obtaining the perfect shade, picture is the most detailed information you can provide us and the better outcome you will received on your cases.

NOTE: A clear explication of the patients and dentist goal , included desired final length and shape.

We would like to demonstrate why we encourage you to request a diagnostic wax up on your smile design cases.

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